Interior Design Services

Let us help you create your dream space!  While every project is different and every client has different needs, we try to be as transparent as possible.  Here is what you can expect. 

Phase I - Initial Design Meeting + Proposal of Work

The process begins with getting to know you and your home. We begin with a phone call and in-home consultation, during which we work together to determine your needs and develop a detailed scope of work. This step is crucial in figuring out whether our studio is a good fit for your project. From the consultation, we are able to create a detailed and fully customized proposal that will give you a clear idea of our vision and your potential investment.

Phase II - Design Vision

Once the Design Agreement is finalized, the fun part begins. You will complete a thorough design questionnaire to help us get more acquainted with your personal style and daily life. The more we can learn about you and how you use your home, the better equipped we will be to create a space that is perfectly suited to you. We will browse inspiration photos and put together design concepts that will help us hone in on the desired aesthetic and overall direction. This step will leave us with a collaborative vision that will guide the rest of the project.

Phase III - Design Development

This step of the project is all about the details. As we develop plans and drawings, source lighting and plumbing fixtures, and select finish materials, you will begin to see your home come to life. We will meet for design presentations for every room, complete with material samples to give you a tangible idea of what your new space will be like.

Phase IV - Construction + Furniture Orders

Once each design plan is approved, our team goes to work refining the details that make up your custom Specification Book and Construction drawings. We provide this for the construction team, so they have all the information they need to move forward with our plan. Collaboration with the contractor continues with site visits to ensure the design is being carried out as expected. During this phase, we are also in the process of purchasing and procuring all furniture pieces, light fixtures, rugs, and accessories. We place the orders, track the shipments, receive, and inspect each item so that everything is ready for install. All of the behind-the-scenes administrative tasks that happen during this phase prevent so many headaches for clients!

Phase V - Installation 

This is the most rewarding part of the entire process for everyone—install! Sometimes it takes a day and sometimes it’s a week, but seeing our vision turn into reality is truly magical. Together with our team of experienced installers, we move all of your furnishings, place your rugs, install artwork and draperies, and finish off the space with perfect styling and unique decor. You won’t have to lift a finger and you’ll never see a single cardboard box! When the work is done, we welcome you back into your beautiful new home with a bottle of wine and cheers to the new space.